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Welcome to CapeSeaShoreSoap!

  • From the time I was a little girl spending time at my grandmother's house, I have always loved fragrances; whether is be grandmas chocolate cake baking or the perfumes on her dresser. 
  • As I grew older my fondness for all things that smell delicious just grew. Fast forward to today. Now I'm the grandma who loves to bake and to make handmade artisan soap!
  •  Now I take my love of fragrance and incorporate it into fabulous good for your skin - handmade soap - along with other body products.
  •  Our soaps at CapeSeaShoreSoap will never contain harmful ingredients only pure oils and butters that will nourish your skin, smell delicious and make you glad that you chose us for all your soap needs.
  •  So come along with us and explore the world of fragrances and the quality of our handmade soaps. I know that you will be glad you did!